Arrow Rock Cemetery
Hwy TT
Arrow Rock, Missouri
Cemeteries are hallowed places, they connect us to our past, to
those who have given us life.  Perhaps you are visiting us today to
pay honor to one of your ancestors, or to ponder the question,
"What kind of people have called Arrow Rock home?

Were they like Joseph and Benjamin Huston, builders of
businesses, or John Locke Hardeman, agriculturalist?  Perhaps
they raised children amidst personal tragedies like Mary Amend
Bingham, mother of famed artist George Caleb Bingham.  Some
families have generations of members buried here; others were
buried singularly as they journeyed westward and fell victim to
disease and hardship.  Honor each grave.  This is our heritage.

The original one acre that created the Arrow Rock Cemetery was
purchased by the Town Board on May 19, 1849, for $20.00.  
Additional lands were added in 1868 and 1928.  The Town Board
turned over the administration of the cemetery to a group of
volunteer ladies on April 12, 1911.  They formed the Arrow Rock
Cemetery Association which is still in operation today.  The first
president was Mrs. John McGuffin.
Cemetery Officers

President Elaine Breshears

1st Vice President Jan Hinnah

2nd Vice President Kathy

Secretary Barbara Humburg

Treasurer Joyce Boland

Correspondence Secretary &
Chaplin Mary Stith

Sandy Selby

We have several men serving on
an advisory board who help with
the management and upkeep of
the cemetery.


The Cemetery Association meets
April & October on the first
Wednesday of the month.  We
also meet when ever there is a
matter that needs attention.
Any woman interested in the
cemetery is welcome to attend
and join the association.
Grave Sites

If you are interested in
purchasing grave space(s)
please call 660-837-3255, we will
be happy to assist you.

Full Lot (8 Graves) - $800.00

Half Lots (4 Graves) - $400.00

Single Grave - $100.00

The price includes perpetual
care.  We keep the cemetery
mowed approximately every 10
days through the summer
months.  If it is a very dry
summer we do not mow as
often.  It is an expensive
undertaking.  Increased fuel cost
makes it more expensive each

Donations are always welcome
to help support the cemetery.  
Increased costs coupled with
lower interest rates means we
must ask for donations.

Please mail your tax deductible
donations, memorials and
bequests to:

Arrow Rock Cemetery
%Joyce Boland
33464 215th Road
Marshall, MO 65340